Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Start Of Something Big

The Start Of Something Big
Redefining Human Endurance
Running Around In The Woods For The Fun Of It

by Ras

     Without indulging in hyperbole, I can honestly say 2012 was a fantastic year for me. I am still processing my running adventures for the year. My mind is still metabolizing the experiences, breaking them down to the point where they can be assimilated and made a part of me. To some degree I am still living 2012's adventures, as they continue to resonate within.

     I was able to cross a number of items off my "Things I Might Not Be Able To Do" list. Admittedly, the list keeps growing, but so far I have been able to do everything on it that I have attempted. I know the elusive "Thing I Cannot Do" is is lurking out there somewhere, and one day it will best me, but not before tens or hundreds or thousands of it's kind lay vanquished in my wake.

     In another sense I was already beginning to live my 2013 projects during the fall of 2012, when I first began mentally masticating a half-dozen or so doughnut-shaped trails. I have already run these projects in my head numerous times, trying to foresee challenges and brainstorm solutions in advance.

     I often see my life energies function in this way. The past inspires and informs the present. And the present influences and shapes the future. And I'm this churning, chaotic ball of ideas and possibilities ricocheting around the space-time continuum. 

     For 2013 I am honored and amazed and humbled to have been chosen as an Ambassador for Altra Zero Drop Footwear. This is meaningful for me on more than just the level of free gear, which is itself a blessing. Altra is a company that designs its shoes in accordance with their principles of allowing the foot to function naturally so that the entire body can run naturally. And they chose me as one of their Altra Ambassadors because they believe in me. 

     I see this as an expression of a larger pattern in the trail and ultrarunning world. I foresee the rise of a cadre of "elite back-of-the-packers," runners who may not be that fast, may not end up on the podium, but who represent the broader face of running; running's 99%, as it were. 

     So big tings a gwaan, ya see it? And you literally can see it. On my Altra Ambassadors profile page all of my projects for 2013 have been leaked.
Who's gonna swoop me?

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